Nazarene Christian Preschool

Located right here at MFCN! We would like to extend a heartfelt Congratulations to our new Preschool Director, Mrs. Heather Bender! Mrs. Heather has many wonderful things in store for your little ones this year! Nazarene Christian Preschool accepts children ages 3, 4, or 5 (children must be potty trained). Here our wonderful and skilled teachers will help your child prepare for Kindergarten. To learn more about Nazarene Christian Preschool please visit or click the link under the Registration tab below. 

  • Registration

    When can I register my child? What is needed to register my child? I've registered my child, what happens now? For answers to these questions and more, CLICK HERE

    to direct you to the Nazarene Christian Preschool Website

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  • Classes

    The preschool offers four different classes: two for four/five-year olds and two for three/four-year olds. Click to find out more about when each class meets during the week!

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  • Webcams

    The Nazarene Christian Preschool offers two password-protected webcams. Each class has a webcam that allows you to check in on your little one during the day.

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Meet the Teachers

  • Heather Bender Preschool Director/Lead 4/5 Teacher

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  • Amanda Groll

    4/5 Teachers Assistant

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  • Bambi Kelley

    3/4 Lead Teacher

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  • Whitney McCombs

    3/4 Teachers Assistant

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