People who are becoming more like Jesus will serve like Jesus served. According to Jesus, this is the real mark of greatness. Our expectation at MFCN is that the more we grow, the more like Jesus we become, and the more engaged we will be in serving others as a way of life. Growth in Christlikeness will always lead to greater service.

Adopt-a-School (AaS)

Did you know that 1 hour a week can make a world of difference in a childs' life? By volunteering you can help mentor the young leaders of the future and help them gain the academic, personal, social, and leadership skills they need to foster a successful future! If you are interested in becoming an Adopt-a-School volunteer please contact a Pastor at MFCN  by email or at the church office 740-383-6021.

Adopt-a-Block (AaB)

Adopt a Block was born in Los Angeles when a young pastor obeyed the call of God and out his desk on the sidewalk outside the church. He met neighbors, became their friend, and became the 'hands and feet' of Jesus. From that grew teams of people who go weekly to neighborhoods of downtown LA, to "find a need and fill it". That was the first Adopt-a-Block. 

At MFCN, as many as 20 volunteers go door-to-door each Saturday, in three of Marion's neighborhoods, befriending our neighbors, sharing God's love with them, and praying with them. We often find needs we are able to meet, helping raise the dignity of those in our neighborhood, all in Jesus' name. As we leave each front door we ask "How can we pray with you today?"

If you would like to become a part of this extraordinary team please click the logo, contact the church office, or email a Pastor at MFCN  by email

In His Name

Each week we serve a meal to those from our community who need a helping hand and a church home. We consider it an honor to be able to serve those who come in the spirit of Matthew 25. The service begins at 11:00am each week in the Outreach Center (gym).

Join the Choir

Why join the choir you ask? Well, it's cheaper than therapy! Studies have shown that singing in a choir releases endorphins which in turn make you happy, and MFCN would be delighted to have you! If you would like to join or just come check us out, we rehearse in the Choir Room on Wednesday's from 6:30-8pm. 

If you have questions or would like to speak with a Pastor at MFCN  by email or contact the church office. 

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